Our educational beliefs

Dynamy Internship Year has changed the lives of students since 1969 for a reason: it is built with powerful and sound educational beliefs that provide it with a strong foundation.

Staff and students alike are attracted to its unique experiential elements, thoughtful curriculum, and supportive culture.

In brief, these beliefs include that:

  1. Education is a process of unleashing and strengthening, not filling.
  2. Education segregates young people too much from the real world.
  3. The real world (and its real outcomes) is the best teacher.
  4. Each of us has strengths as a learner to build from.
  5. Reflection on learning experiences embeds the lessons more deeply.
  6. The skills we need to navigate life successfully are the same to navigate higher education.
  7. We are each our best selves in relation to others.
  8. We learn from both our successes and failures.
  9. We are more capable than we know.
  10. Respect is the foundation in building a positive mentoring relationship.