Tuition & Financial Aid

Internship Year enrollment options include the Full Year (September-May), Fall Semester (September-December) and Spring Semester (January-May). As the majority of our students participate in the Full Year, Spring Semester availability may be limited.

Enrollment Options 2019- 2020 Start Date End Date
Internship Year 2018-2019 September 3rd May 9th
Fall Semester 2019 September 3rd December 13th
Spring Semester 2020 January 21st  May 9th

For a PDF of the calendar with scheduled breaks, click Full Year Calendar 2019-2020.

For students who have completed a Full Year or Semester, we now also offer Summer@Dynamy, an 8-week program to bridge the summer between a student’s gap year and the start of higher education.

Tuition and Housing Fees

Enrollment Term Tuition Housing* Total*
Internship Year 2019-2020 $21,900 $7,500 $29,400
Fall Semester 2019 $11,450 $4,000 $15,450
Spring Semester 2020 $11,450 $4,000 $15,450

*A refundable apartment damage deposit of $400 is not included in these fees. Please note, all fees are subject to change each year.

Optional Fees
In addition to Tuition and Housing, many students and families add the Stipend Plan and Dynamy/Clark University courses to their Dynamy experience.

The Stipend Plan is $125 per week to cover daily living expenses, such as food, laundry, transportation, and entertainment. Dynamy disburses the Stipend each week to support students in learning budget management. Students who participate in the Stipend plan do not need an individual bank account. There is a small administrative fee of $25 per semester or $40 for the full year; 90-100% of students participate in the Stipend Plan each year.

Through our partnership with Clark University’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education, we offer 3 College Seminars during the full Internship Year. Tuition for each is $1095. Each course is a 1-unit course (the equivalent of 4 credit hours).

Financial Aid
We are proud of our demonstrated commitment to financial assistance for students in need. We award need-based aid based on the School and Student Service for Financial Aid form (SSS), available at The Dynamy code is 2938.

Dynamy affirms the guarantee of equal opportunity for both staff and interns, without discrimination for reasons of race, ethnic background, religious belief, sex or handicap.

International Students
Over the past decade, a number of international students have attended Internship Year, usually for a semester or a year prior to attending college in the United States. Though we do not currently have a procedure for obtaining visas for students who are not US citizens, we will be happy to provide any documentation that might assist in securing visas.