You leave Dynamy, Dynamy never leaves you.

Whether you lived in apartments on Russell, Merrick, Queen, Highland, Elm or Cedar Streets; whether you swear by the Boynton, the Pickle Barrel, or Blue Jeans; whether you refer to the adventure challenge trip as North Country, Hurricane Island, Bryant Pond or “the best thing I never want to do again”; you’re a Dynamy (Internship Year) alumnus!

Welcome back. Take a look around. You’ll see the core elements put in place in 1969 haven’t changed much, even if beards were in, out, and are back again now. Want proof? Check out the Photo Gallery.

Ready to re-connect? We’d love to hear from you, whether you just want to track down a handful of your classmates from way back when, are wondering if we know anyone in a certain field, or city, or if you want in on working with us to host a virtual or real reunion.

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