You won’t hear us call them dorms.

We’re proud of our renovated Victorian apartment buildings, which gives students the opportunity to live and learn in a true apartment and neighborhood near the city’s vibrant center.

Our four apartment buildings sit within two blocks of each other in one of the city’s historic districts, which we share with city residents and Becker College. It makes for a nice mix of well-kept properties, families, college students, and activities in Elm Park.

You’ll learn or improve on the responsibilities of living on your own, supported by your advisor and resident counselor (R.C.), who has their own apartment on the property as well. They’ll help you get oriented to adult tasks like budgeting, meals, laundry, cleaning, and a balanced social life. Our residential life activities and weekly house meetings help each student work on balancing fun with personal and collective responsibilities.

Students often say at the end of the year that they learned just as much in residential life as in their internships. This is no surprise, as most of these skills are like learning to ride a bike—you might be wobbly at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never forget. Also, we find that it’s in residential life where meaningful friendships grow.