Worcester, MA

New England’s second largest city has always been Dynamy’s home, and with good reasons.

It’s cultural and educational resources greatly surpass its actual size. 10 colleges and universities exist within the city, many with world class programs.

Add to that world class cultural institutions, such as the Worcester Art Museum or American Antiquarian Society just to name a few, and an incredibly diverse mix of people (more than 18 linguistic groups), and you have a vibrant city offering many different ways for you to find and pursue your interests.

All those college and university students (about 40,000, or 1/7 of the population) mean there is innovation and intellectual capital as well as energetic art, music, and food scenes.

Yet Worcester’s relatively small size for a city with such resources also means that many institutions and community leaders are accessible to both residents and our students. Another benefit of all those students and Worcester’s mid-size is that many activities are much more affordable than in larger cities.

We’ve always loved Worcester, but we’re even more proud to say it’s reputation has grown a great deal in the last decade.