College Seminars

We partner with Clark University (one of the Colleges That Change Lives) to offer optional college seminars to our students.

Clark University courses give you the opportunity to earn college credit, as well as to try out college work and the personal organization it requires in our supportive environment.

These three courses are designed specifically for Dynamy Internship Year and are instructed by our own qualified staff. They meet one evening per week here on our campus, and are only open to DIY students.

One seminar runs at a time, and each is a one unit (four credit hours equivalent) course. They can be taken in any combination and are also designed to be progressive for if you take more than one. They are:

Fall Term: Organizational Behavior
The study of how organizations work well, and not so well. We learn about and discuss topics such as the psychological contract (the unwritten and often unspoken expectations of employer and employee) as well as group dynamics, work/life balance, workplace culture, and learning organizations. Finally, we examine our initial internship and work experiences to see if we can apply our learning to these real world experiences in order to improve them at all.

Winter Term: Social Identity and Personal Action
The study of how each individual’s identity in a social group is both informed by the society they are in as well as a unique compilation of traits. We also look at whether or not identity changes a lot or a little over time, and how one’s identity translates into taking action on issues one cares about. We conclude the course determining if there is greater action each of us wishes to take.

Spring Term: Issues of Race, Class and Gender
The study of race, class, and gender and related social constructs in American society. We examine and discuss whether or not these groups are truly constructed, and how these categories tend to play out in society around power dynamics and everyday outcomes. Finally, we take a look at our own lives, including our experiences in Worcester, through these lenses.