Future Planning

While some students arrive with a college deferral in hand, the majority make their post-Dynamy plans while attending here, allowing them to incorporate what they are learning about their passions into their future plan.

We support you in your future planning in a couple of ways. First, through advising and the self-reflection gained with our portfolio system, including use of Do What You Are, staff mentors actively involve each student in thinking about and planning for what they will transition to next.

Secondly, we have an experienced part-time college counselor on staff for students who want to explore and apply to higher education institutions. About 85% of students enroll in higher education immediately following their year or semester with us, so this is a popular option.

Finally, we also introduce students to alumni and community leaders whose own paths to career may have been less traditional but nonetheless successful. These paths often include entering the workforce (every year some students are offered employment by their internships), doing another semester with a travel or other structured learning program, or even apprenticing in a promising field (most often in the arts).

All students graduate from Dynamy with a plan for what’s next to go along with the confidence and life skills they have gained.