Learning Differences

As a place where learning is already different—outside of the traditional classroom—we see (and enjoy!) learners with many different strengths.

Students whose learning style is not well-suited to such classrooms often thrive in our experiential settings.

As such, quite a few of our students arrive every year with a diagnosed learning difference, with ADD/ADHD being the most common. A number of students also arrive with other diagnoses, such as anxiety, that may have affected their ability to learn effectively in high school or college.

DIY is small enough for students to get truly personalized support for such learning differences, with the goal of helping them find effective strategies that they can carry with them as they create their life.

In addition, our workshops and presentations often have a multimodal, universal design to allow learners with different strengths to do well, regardless of whether they have a diagnosed L.D. or not. Every year students with and without L.D.s live, work, and find success alongside each other in our community, where we focus less on labels and more on knowing each student fully as a person.