Looking for a place that can help your son or daughter develop the confidence and skills for success in higher education and life? Welcome.

Dynamy Internship Year (DIY) is a time-tested, personalized gap year for students who want to learn differently through hands-on, real-world learning. Our caring, professional mentors support students as they live, work, and learn about themselves and their interests.

Parents who walk through our door want to give their children opportunities to: explore their true potential, find greater confidence, gain real world experience, expand their organizational skills, gain a sense of real-world success, and discover a true direction for higher education and\or career. They, like you, want their son or daughter to transition positively to college, career, and a meaningful adult life.

As you Meet Our Parents, you’ll see that we’re mother (and father)-approved! You’ll likely recognize hopes you have for your own son or daughter and expectations you’d naturally have for DIY. You can also take a quick look at how we talk about your role in Supporting the Process of self-discovery, resiliency-building and independence for each student. Finally, we outline the in-person (Parent’s Days) and virtual Communication that staff members have with you throughout your daughter or son’s year (or semester) at DIY.